About me

Hi, I’m Ella.

I live to eat. But, I also eat to live.

My diet philosophy is 1) don’t diet, and 2) everything in moderation, especially moderation. My Grandad taught me that last one.

I eat processed foods sometimes, I eat piles of greens sometimes; I go out to greasy diners, I ferment my own kimchi; and, I think candy bars are as good as chocolate bars.

My boyfriend Brady once called our dinner gourm.b as a joke and it just kind of stuck. It’s used to describe things like kimchi on KD, tangy red on creamy neon orange. It’s delicious, addictive even, but not quite gourmet. Gourm.b sums up my taste well enough, so I’ve stolen the phrase for this project.

I used to live in Ottawa and worked in the food industry while completing a degree in journalism. Now I’m in Northern Ontario and live vicariously through the offerings I see on Instagram, while relishing the fact that up here, anything you do is new.

My logo was part of a painting done for me in 2010 by my cousin Erin, who was nine at the time. What can I say, she’s a genius.

Don’t expect stellar photos or life changing prose here – this is for fun, not perfection.

P.S. All recipes are vegetarian or vegan.

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